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'Owd Lasses

'Owd Lasses 7 images

The glamour pusses of yesteryear living out their dotage, making cock-eyed sense of Modern Britain, silent tutting at the youth of today whilst reminiscing about their misspent youth behind the bike sheds. Beware inspiration for these feisty 'old dears' strikes in the most unlikely of places, the next one could be based on you...

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Landscapes, barns and buildings

Landscapes, barns and buildings 6 images

The architectural heritage of the Yorkshire Dales and Northern England. I am attempting to capture a barn in every Dale before the landscape changes but this will take some time to do there are lots more Dales than I had bargained for.

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Life in the Dales

Life in the Dales 5 images

The agricultural heritage of the area focusing on farming traditions, County Shows, livestock and the people who have made this area their home.

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