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Sue Dewhurst Contemporary Art

Graduated in early 1990’s after completing BA (hons) degree and post grad specialising in Fine Art and Sculpture, undertook a Business Skills for Graduates course in 1994.

Travelled widely in Europe, South America and South East Asia meeting a variety of artists and artisans learning a plethora of techniques from batik design to traditional taxidermy methods, acid-etching, textile design and printmaking, but always returning to painting.

Worked in a number of commercial Art Galleries over the years learning additional relevant skills such as picture framing, marketing and buying, whilst always developing my own painting style and selling via galleries and exhibitions.

Moved to North Yorkshire in 2007 after living in an isolated area of rural Wales and recognised the same need for artists to combat the recession by grouping together to share events, marketing and networking. With the help of Richmondshire District Council’s Arts and Culture Officer  Jo-Anne Simpson and various funding sources including Arts Council England established my business The Pop-Up Gallery in 2010 taking artists, workshops and creative happenings to isolated areas of The Dales in a whirlwind series of 25 one-off ‘Pop-Up’ events see www.thepopupgallery.org

In 2013 was appointed Project Manager for The Inaugural Dales Festival of Art and brought pop-up interactive workshops, an art trail, hidden artworks to find and keep, a War Veterans Exhibition, Artist Market and a Sculpture Park to Wensleydale attracting over 4000 visitors, promoting the area to a new audience and raising the profile of local businesses.

A variety of similar events followed until in 2014 I decided to switch focus back to my own painting and together with Papercut Artist Clare Lindley opened Art Tarts Gallery in the Small Shops Arcade, Duck Hill Ripon for a year’s lease selling my paintings and hosting workshops. Here I developed my ‘barn series’ in direct response to the change in planning laws enabling the traditional stone barns of the Yorkshire Dales to be converted into residential properties with relaxed planning laws. My intention was to paint a barn in every Dale as a social record of the changing landscape- this is ongoing there are 100’s of Dales that I didn’t know about!!

2014/2016 continued freelance arts projects organising, facilitating and assisting with Arts charity launches, networking events, creative workshops for the MOD and one to one art-teaching and artist/ gallery mentoring sessions.

In 2016 was appointed an Artist in Residence for North Yorkshire County Libraries based at Catterick and Leyburn Libraries as part of their Creative Residency programme funded by Arts Council England. This enabled me to revisit my time at The Beacon- War Veteran’s homeless unit and work again at Thornborough Hall Gardens- Older People’s unit in Leyburn where we explored themes of identity and social history alongside actress and writer Irene Lofthouse, producing modern day ‘icons’ celebrating the residents’ histories and stories.

2016- date has seen me reverting back to concentrating on my own practice with a Summer spent ‘showing’ at the newly established York River Art Market, Art in the Pen and Crafts in the Pen and developing a new direction – Trolley Follies- Yorkshire Lasses. Celebrating ‘the glamour pusses of yesteryear’ as they live out their dotage, making sense of Modern Britain, silent-tutting at the youth of today, donning wrinkly stockings and reminiscing about their misspent youth behind the bike-sheds …Look out for Lancashire, Welsh and Essex Lasses coming next….and beware inspiration strikes in the most unlikely of places so one of these feisty, ‘old dears’ could be based on you….